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scn2a mutation
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2022 Summer Seminar

Faces of SCN2A

Welcome to RX - Hope Virtual Series 1

3rd SCN2A Family & Professional Conference

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Virtual Family Meeting 2018:
Hosted by Simons VIP & The FamilieSCN2A Foundation

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2017 FamilieSCN2A Family & Professional Conference

Day 1 Video Presentations

Cortical Visual Impairment
OT and SCN2A
Cannabidiol Treatment in Epilepsy
Drug Development Process
Epilepsy Autism or Developmental Brain Disorder

Day 2 Video Presentations

Dynamic Behavioral & Neural Patterns Among Children with de novo Variants
Q&A Afternoon
Clinical & physiologic analysis SCN2A variant-related epilepsy
Imaging biomarkers in sodium channel mutations
Common EEG patterns & seizures in SCN2A
Clinical & physiologic analysis SCN2A variant-related epilepsy
Happy Mother's Day from the FamilieSCN2A Foundation

2017 Faces of SCN2A

FamilieSCN2a Stand By You Research Video

The Genetics & Physiology of SCN2A

Basics of SCN2A Disorders

2016 FamilieSCN2A Family & Professional Conference

Video Presentations

Conference Introduction: John J. Millichap, MD
Epidemiology of Early Life Epilepsies: Anne T. Berg, MD
Explaining Genetic Testing Reports: Ingo Helbig, MD
SCN2A-related Epilepsy Versus Dravet Syndrome: Linda Laux, MD
Functional Neuroimaging SCN2A Gene Mutations: Harry Chugani, MD
SCN2A & Autism: Diane Chungani, PhD
Ketogenic Diet: Wes Lowman
Autonomic Disorders & Peripheral Nerve Testing: Nancy Kuntz, MD
Al George, MD Welcome & Introduction
Mouse Models of SCN2A-related Epilepsy: Jennifer Kearney, PhD
iPSC Models of SCN2A-related Epilepsy
Mutation analysis in SCN2A in HEK293: Steve Petrou, PhD
Diverse Consequences of SCN2A Mutations: Ted Cummins, MD
Drug Discovery Process: A. J. Campbell, PhD

Our goal is to find a cure!

Did you or your child just receive a new diagnosis of SCN2A? If so, please know you are not alone!